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Sustainable Me

October 22, 2010

Many people, especially those of our age group, are not aware of the power they hold in the future of our world and its resources. Here at college, it seems easier to stock up on paper plates, plastic cups & silverware rather than washable dishes and utensils. But by reconsidering that option, we can make the biggest difference. Not only are you preventing trash, you’re saving money. At times it isn’t very convenient when you have to walk to a lounge area to hand wash what you used, but in the long run you are eliminating a significant amount of garbage. It’s difficult to fathom that by throwing away a plastic cup you’re adding to the countless miles of waste that is drastically piling up. But it’s one cup – it doesn’t matter, right? If every person thinks that, then it will matter. It will matter a great deal. But if everyone is aware that by a couple minutes of hot water and Dawn dish soap you can participate in recycling and reusing in order to sustain our planet. I have chosen to use my own dishes here at school for snacks as well as meals I miss at the dining hall. If more students follow the trend, we can make radical changes.

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